Pic by Angel López Soto

“From an international perspective, Victor Landeta (Bilbao, 1981) is one of the only two Spaniards who have had the opportunity to paint on fragments of the old Berlin wall, in his case on twelve sections of it. Beyond his material testimony, his work is an unambiguous reflection of his ethical disposition, of his well-structured soul and without pretentious veils, rare sight.

Landeta is an artist formed halfway between the Basque Country and London, with a solid career spanning the disciplines of Fine Arts and different digital media, all of which was completed in practice with prolonged artistic residencies in Berlin, one in the Tacheles Art House disappeared and, years later, in Neu West Berlin. His interventions in the field of Street Art are spread over the five continents, scattered in the course of stays and trips that tend to move away from the tourist network, prioritizing coexistence with locals and visits to creative centers located in the most popular areas. Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, Palestine, Canada and the United States, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Spain have been chosen by this author as settings to leave his mark.”

Text by Ana Puyol Loscertales. Phd in Art History.

Víctor Landeta aka “AUM”

1981 :: Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

2004 :: BA Fine Arts. Screenprinting and  Printmaking. U.P.V Leioa; Basque Country, Spain

2005 :: Erasmus program in Bradford Art College of Arts, United Kingdom

2008 :: MA Digital Media. London Metropolitan University; London, United Kingdom.

2009 :: Postgraduate Certificate in Education. U.P.V Bilbao; Basque Country, Spain

2010-2012 :: Tacheles Arthouse Residency, Berlin, Germany

2013-2015 :: Neu West Berlin Arthouse residency, Berlin , Germany.

2021 :: Entrepeneur artist based in Getxo, Spain.